WE CARE ABOUT YOU A friendly team of trained medical professionals who appreciate you as an individual. Come in for a free initial consultation where we take the time to get to know you, ensuring safe and effective results. BEAUTY AT ANY AGE We believe that age is no barrier to feeling great. The team at Bangalow Laser is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Bangalow laser, your one stop caring shop for laser treatments. TREATMENT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Syneron-Candela’s state of the art GentleMax Pro Laser combines 2 wavelengths to provide the best of both worlds. This gold standard, class IV, medical grade laser provides safe and effective treatment for all skin types.


Committed to safety and excellence, the medical team at Bangalow are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of skin conditions with their state of the art Syneron-Canela GentleMax Pro Laser.

Here at Bangalow laser, we only have registered medical professionals operating the laser. All operators are registered practitioners with AHRPA (The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) which regulates the health professions ensuring standards and qualifications are met. This means that you can have the highest confidence in our team.

We believe in safety first and provide a high standard of care to clients in a calm and nurturing environment. Sensitivity and confidentiality is part of our professional code of conduct and we pride ourselves in understanding the significance of a trusting and caring relationship with anyone who walks through our doors.

Bangalow laser is a local business with a conscience. We believe in giving back to the community that support us with a percentage of our profits going to local charities.

We also believe in environmental sustainability and take every step to ensure we care for our precious ecosystem.


Bangalow Laser is a locally owned and operated medical and aesthetic laser clinic. Committed to safety and excellence, the medical team at Bangalow are extensively trained to diagnose and treat any concerns you may have. Read more.


Our experts use Syneron’s state of the art GentleMax Pro Laser which combines Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful Nd:YAG laser. This medical grade, class IV laser provides a range of safe, fast and effective treatments.
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Treatments include laser hair removal, skin pigmentation, vascular lesions, rosacea/redness and acne/scarring and skin rejuvenation/firming and wrinkle reduction. The laser also treats onychomycosis, a bothersome fungal infection of the nail. Read more.


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We believe in helping people feel good about themselves. We believe in a safe, effective and affordable treatment. You won’t be ripped off or taken advantage of at Bangalow Laser. Nor will you be pressured to buy treatments you do not need. We believe in communication and developing a relationship with our clients. We believe in supporting our clients to the best of our ability - before, during and after treatment. We believe in social, economic and environmental responsibility.